Saturday, April 13, 2013

what a goodly thing!

What a goodly thing if the people in the world
would go to geever  ininin piece.


Charlie chaplin went to france 
To teach the lades how to dance,
First the hill then the toe a one,
Two,three and a way we go.
Charlie Chaplin went to france
to teach them laides how to dance,
first the hill then the toe a one, 
to three and a way we go.
Charlie chaplin went to france.

FINDERS KEEPERS Should you keep something valuable that you find?

I think that if you find something that is not yours,I think you should give it to the police because the person who dropped the bag might be in the city or going into houses saying, ''Have you seen a bag?'' That is why i don't still.

I think you will be nice and leave it there and in 3 hours you should see if it is still there. But if it's still there i will go to different houses and ask, '' is this yours, where was it and why did you leave it?'' Because,I don't want to steal it.

And if i steal it the cops might see me with the bag and i might get in jail for it. But  if i wasn't good and i was  going to the shops and don't tell nana and pops it's not mine, I will get in really BIG trouble and stay in my bed room for one year. I won't go out and play, No sleep over's wont have fun and i wont be allowed to go to parties or go to the shops,And that's why i dont wont to spend it.

 If the person was you, What would you do? Keep the thing or do the right thing and go and ask people, go to the police or  report it to different people.  Thank you.

I think you should do the right thing like beautifully,cute,nice girl every body! thumbs up!

Year 6

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

green's moon's lucky day!

The day i gambled, 
with power powering into my feet.
Like i exploded into clouds, 
if i didn't win!
"The Melbourne cup!"
What every one wanted! [I was there!] 
"I was on my horse."
"The gun shot up at the,"
"I ran like a speeding rhino!"
"I past" THEN...
"I won!''
Every one was cheering at me!   
I got the cup!   

The day i smiled

I walked out.
 The clouds kissed me.
Like melted oranges.
The blood felt warm into my toes like storms.
Are powering out.
With chocolate cherry eyes !
Are empty like clouds.
"Suddenly, all the children was laughting at me!
This advisable girl powerd all over me.
like storms frighted...

Saturday, December 22, 2012

melbourne cup!

A Poem By Sarah 
 Melbourne Cup!

Powering into lighting,
Making me furious!
Like a fighting "ostrich"! 
Only if i didn't win! 
"The, game,BEGAN"! 
"Cherri's my Horse 
Ran like a cheater"! 
Smook went out of Ben's nostrills!
[We Won!]
Every one in the stadium cheared!
Like an anoying panda!   

Saturday, November 24, 2012


Chase is like a 
dirty old love heart.
Making me laugh like 
My cute old, smelly,
Little nose! 
He could be like 
Little old mark!
You could be an 
old wizard! 



You are like an old dirty
Snakes are like you! 
If your a snake you will be up
like a bull! you could be a
Lovely girl on a toad!

I'm scared

     Glasses are poowing

Into nostril's,

water are flapping into toes.

People are flying like crystals. 

You could be flapping like an eye boll.

How could you ever flap like a 



never end

I'm a pear like 
I'm flying into space.
Making me like super hulk
And drinking bears.
Flying like an eye! 
Like some poowing
Smacking me like i'm 
A toad.
Like some biscuits into
sausage rolls!
People will bite me!
Like a smiling and smacking knife!
How could you never end! 

Get it!

I'm a leg
Like a peg.
And some sandwiches
Stomped on the 
And bacon slammed
On eggs.
Paper wood,
Would be smashing
On dirty rats.
How could you
be starving!